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Audrey - Classical Pianist & Kirtan Artist

Each healing session with Cathy Goulet over the past few years has been instrumental for my growth by helping to reveal my inner purpose and clearing blockages, thus freeing up energy to make that purpose a reality.

Prior to my husband's and my sacred union ceremony, we had a set of individual and couples' sessions with Cathy that helped us clear massive amounts of ancestral and karmic burdens. We would not have been ready to meet each other in the beautiful wholeness and freedom that we did without those sessions, and they continue to support our highest unfolding to this day.

Her rare combination of decades of psychotherapy practice, intuitive guidance and multi-dimensional clearing yield transformative sessions with lasting results. In a very safe and clear container, Cathy effortlessly weaves the process with you as the director of your healing and leaves you fully integrated after and in a deep state of peace and preparedness to move forward with joy.

For this nurturing and unique trifold combination approach, I highly recommend her sessions to anyone. They are accessible and have helped me expand my life, my joy, my consciousness and freedom.

Sara - Master Coach, Speaker, Podcaster & Entrepreneur

My sessions with Cathy have moved mountains of trauma, limiting beliefs, and anxiety. I’ve worked with many therapists and coaches. I love self-help and healing, but this felt deeper and more permanent than anything I’ve done before.

I have a large audience and a very successful business, but I have bigger goals for the impact I want to make in this world. Cathy is helping me remove everything standing in my way. Working with her has been invaluable.

Crystal - Author, Entrepreneur & Coach

One session with Cathy is like 100 with your psychologist. AND you don’t have to look back into every nook and cranny of your life and revisit all of the bad stuff from the past. Once she moves the negative energy from your body, it frees you up to focus on the positive and the future. Then she’s there to support you as you uncover your gifts, get to understand them, step into their power, and embody them in your new life.

It’s hard to make changes when you’re carrying the negative weight of the energy tied to that which you do not want. It’s hard to see your truth when you still have the negative self-talk reel constantly playing in your head.

She has the power – and it literally is power – to wipe your slate clean and give you fresh start and clear mindset you can never seem to hold onto with willpower alone.

Amy - Inspirational Singer, Writer & Retreat Host

Cathy’s unique ability to see, not only my persona, but my soul gifts, has been transformative to me and has moved me further along in living into my gifts, my voice and my life purpose in the world to create inspiration for transformation and positive, beautiful change.

Her work has helped me focus on this process, clear out old, parental and cultural dogma, and allowed me to step into finishing my first album. Her empowering support and healing blocked trauma has opened me to live into my own personal unlimited possibilities and purpose now. 

Tracy - Author & Grief Expert

I lost my husband of 20 years in a car accident in 2011. In 2013 I experienced a beautiful, powerful spiritual awakening. After being awake and on a path of self-discovery, I found Cathy. Her energy, work, and coaching were transformational, powerful, and beautiful.

The energy work was incredible! It was a game-changer! Without Cathy's help, guidance, and energetic healing, I would still be struggling to understand or access my inner knowledge and divine gifts.

Jason - Licensed Therapist & Emotional Healer

I highly recommend Cathy to help you with your spiritual journey/awakening. I was looking for more direct access and information but had no idea where to begin. I wanted to raise my vibration and connect to the divine within me.

My first session with Cathy was powerful and eye-opening as she focused on several energetic blockages in my body. The intuitive information she knew after exploring these energetic blocks blew me away. I could not believe she knew and understood so much about me, considering there had been no intake session or history gathering. I could feel energy pulling and tingling sensations in my body as she worked to clear the blocks and expand my energy.

Since beginning my work with her, I have developed my healing styles and energy work. Without her help, guidance, and energetic healing, I would still struggle to understand or access my inner knowledge, advice, and gifts.

Robin - Writer & Retreat Host

I booked a 1:1 healing session with Cathy Goulet not knowing what to expect, just following a strong intuitive sense to accept her invitation to utilize her gifts to help me during a very tough time of major life transitions & decisions. What I experienced was such an integrated, gentle yet powerful, all-encompassing energy session that has continued to impact me in profound ways over time.

She began by asking me insightful questions and listening in deeply - covering current issues as well as tapping into buried trauma coming to the surface during this time. She made me comfortable on the table and gently narrated some of what she could feel/see/hear going on in my energy fields, which both resonated with and offered new insights for me.

Her approach is guided by spirit and was definitely spontaneously tailored just for me. Her confidence and vast capacity to receive and share helpful information were just right for me.

During the session, I could feel old energies shift and release, clearing space. I recognized and could own deep wounds, in this life and beyond. All the while, there was also a playful essence that created safety for my inner child to come out of hiding and be seen & loved again.

Following the session, I had a lightness, clarity and sense of internal trust to replace the darkness, angst and sense of doom that had brought me there. She also offered specific suggestions for ways to continue my own healing and encouragement to do so.  For anyone experiencing the massive emotional and confronting challenges showing up right now, I highly recommend booking a session with Cathy.