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Live Your Purpose Now!


This program is specially designed for spiritual healers, teachers, coaches, and leaders that know they are here to make a bigger difference in the world.

It helps you connect directly to your unique soul gifts and knowledge.

Integrating all your gifts and understanding how your gifts work together allows you to develop extraordinary offerings that significantly impact others.

Together we help you find and embrace your true purpose and empower you to start living it now! 

Cathy has special abilities to see your gifts and not only how to download or deepen them but how to use them together for your ultimate purpose. Living your ultimate purpose changes your life and the lives around you in amazing and profound ways.

Is there something calling you beyond where you’ve gone? Then this program is for you.

It’s time! Work with Cathy to unmask your soul gifts and knowledge and remove blocks to living your higher purpose and calling. This lovely 6 month program will help you get there.

What’s included:

  • 10 one-on-one healing sessions with Cathy to unmask your soul gifts and knowledge and remove blocks.
  • 12 one-on-one coaching sessions to guide you deeper.
  • Weekly learnings, meditations, and exercises that include detailed information to expanding your growth and removing blocks.
  • Monthly learning group to connect you to deepening your abilities.
  • Monthly question and answer group to connect with others going through this same process to get guidance and ideas.
  • One-on-one access via voice or text messages to ask questions to Cathy when they arise instead of having to wait for your session.


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Have you ever felt that you wanted to move to the next level with your gifts or business?

Do you know you are meant to be helping the world in a larger way?

Do you know some of your gifts but want to deepen or expand them?

Do you feel like you are here to do more but can’t seem to fully figure out how?

Then this program is for you.

Why waste more time reaching in the dark and trying to figure out the puzzle yourself when within the next 6 months you can be embodying and living it!!!

We will work together to see your gifts beyond what you’ve ever imagined.

I’ve developed this program from the steps I’ve taken over the last 12 years to download my own soul gifts and knowledge while enhancing my onboard technology to integrate my gifts and live my purpose.



Why Cathy & Why This Program?


Cathy has specific gifts that allow her to see your gifts, how to download or expand them, and how all of your gifts work together to help you reach your highest excellence.

She will help you step into your true power and integrate your soul gifts so you are bringing true EXCELLENCE to everything that you do!

Cathy has had over 25 years experience helping thousands of people live their best lives. She has spent the last 13 years developing this integral program to help you live your purpose.

The healings provided in this program will help you step out of your own way and step into your true excellence.

The wounding and triggers that have occurred from this over various lifetimes can be easily healed to help us move forward. Often, as spiritual leaders, teachers and healers, we believe we have moved past these things but in Cathy’s experience, there is often much more work to be done.

One of Cathy’s most profound gifts is her ability to see and read energy. She is able to see blocks and remove lifetimes of energetic trauma.

This powerful combination of healing and coaching sessions, along with the step-by-step program will help you become fully soul and human integrated and stand in your excellence to live your divine purpose NOW!

This not only changes your life it also changes the lives of those people around you in the most profound and amazing ways!

Sara - Coach, Speaker, Podcaster & Entrepreneur

I have a large audience and a very successful business, but I have bigger goals for the impact I want to make in this world. Cathy is helping me remove everything standing in my way. Working with her has been invaluable.

Jason - Licensed Therapist & Emotional Healer

I highly recommend Cathy to help you with your spiritual gifts and purpose. My first session with Cathy was powerful and eye-opening as she focused on several energetic blockages in my body. The intuitive information she knew after exploring these energetic blocks blew me away. I could not believe she knew and understood so much about me, considering there had been no intake session or history gathering. 

Since beginning my work with her, I have developed my healing styles and energy work. Without her help, guidance, and energetic healing, I would still struggle to understand or access my inner knowledge, advice, and gifts.

JJ - Podcaster, Retreat Host & Entrepreneur

I had such a wonderful experience with Cathy recently. I loved it so much as it helped me clear energy I have been carrying with me for generations. I feel lighter today and even more aligned with my life’s work. Cathy is a beautiful soul that shares her gifts with love and light.

Program Details


Healing Sessions

In this program you start with Cathy’s one on one profound healing sessions to remove blocks and ignite your souls gifts to start integrating them in your life and career. You’ll receive 10 healing sessions depending on what's specifically needed to get you living your purpose. These sessions will be intensively profound in your development during the next 6 months.

One-On-One Coaching

You will have 12 one-on-one coaching sessions with Cathy so she can support anything that arises in your integration process. This is significant because it provides guidance on opening up your very unique soul gifts and learning to use them to impact the world.

Weekly Learnings

You’ll have weekly learnings, meditations, or exercises that are specially designed to expand your growth. These are specifically created step-by-step processes that help you understand all of your gifts and develop your products and services.

Group Coaching

You get two online group coaching calls a month. This gives you a beautiful community of others in the process of doing the same work together.

One monthly group will be based on a specific learning or growth process. Processes within groups can be profoundly powerful in your movement!

The other monthly group will about connection and support of a community doing the same work. Sometimes we don’t know we need something until someone else brings it to our awareness.

You will have a group of caring and powerful people helping hold your vision.

Direct Messaging

You will be able to message Cathy directly via voice or text to get more immediate support between one-on-one and group coaching calls.



This powerful 6-month program can ultimately change your life, your career, and have you living your purpose! In 6 short months you can be making a bigger and more profound impact in the world by embracing your true gifts!

Nothing gives meaning like knowing you are living your divine purpose.